March 2009

Obama Favours Green

United States president-elect Barack Obama's stimulus package - whose size has been talked about as "must be big enough to provide a defibrillator-like jolt" to the economy to achieve his goal of creating or saving 2.5 million jobs in his first two years in office - is reported to emphasise green investments. Read more

January 2009

Exemplary Green Examples

The management of Singapore's famous riverside entertainment hotspot, Clark Quay, opted to install simple canopies, which are more cost effective than covering walkways with glass and air-conditioning them, says manager Dawn Tan. Read more

Going Green In 2009

Malaysia's kicking off the new year in green style: yesterday, we introduced the Green Building Index, similar to the ones that have helped create the environmentally friendly features pictured here. Read more

December 2008

December 2008